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Reseller Hosting

Comparison of our reseller hosting plans

Every reseller hosting plan comes with our 30 day money back guarantee, 99.9% uptime guarantee backed by our service level agreement.


  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum    
TooltipOne-Year Pre-Payment $15.79/mo. $28.29/mo. $40.79/mo. $53.29/mo.
TooltipSix-Month Pre-Payment $17.37/mo. $31.12/mo. $44.87/mo. $58.62/mo.
TooltipThree-Month Pre-Payment $18.16/mo. $32.54/mo. $46.91/mo. $61.29/mo.
TooltipMonth-To-Month $18.95/mo. $33.95/mo. $48.95/mo. $63.95/mo.
TooltipSet-Up Fee FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE!
TooltipOnline Signup Order Now Order Now Order Now Order Now
TooltipMoney Back Guarantee
Tooltip99.9% Uptime Guarantee
TooltipDisk Space (GB) 15 GB 30 GB 45 GB 60 GB
TooltipMonthly Bandwidth 300 GB 600 GB 900 GB 1,200 GB
TooltipcPanel Account Limit 50 100 150 200
TooltipIP Addresses 1 1
TooltipAlphaSSL Certificate
TooltipPOP3 Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
TooltipAuto Responders Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
TooltipWeb Mail
TooltipE-Mail Forwarders Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
TooltipMailing Lists
TooltipSpam Assassin
Domains & IP Addresses
TooltipSub Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
TooltipAdd-On Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
TooltipParked Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
TooltipDedicated IP $3-6/mo $3-6/mo $3-6/mo $3-6/mo
Control Panels
cPanel Skins
TooltipX3 Skin
TooltipRv Skins
Account Features
TooltipMySQL 5 Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
TooltipPostgreSQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
TooltipPHP 5.2.x Support
TooltipPHP 5.3.x Support
TooltipPHP 5.4.x Support
TooltipPHP 5.5.x Support
TooltipPEAR Support
TooltipZend Optimizer
TooltipIoncube Loader
TooltipRuby On Rails
TooltipServer Side Includes
TooltipCron Jobs
TooltipZend Framework
TooltipOverselling Enabled
TooltipPrivate Name Servers
Control Panel Features
TooltipCustom Error Pages
TooltipIP Deny Manager
TooltipHotlink Protection
TooltipPassword Directories
TooltipDaily Backups
Web Reports & Statistics
TooltipAW Stats
TooltipAccess And Error Logs
TooltipBandwidth Usage
FTP Access
Tooltip24x7 FTP Access
TooltipFTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
E-Commerce Features
TooltipPrivate SSL Supported
Os Commerce
Zen Cart
Cube Cart
Tooltip24x7 Support
TooltipSupport Tickets System
TooltipCommunity Forum
Server Software
TooltipLiteSpeed Web Server
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Server Hardware

All servers are located at one of the state of art datacenters which we use and are at least:

  • Dual Quad Core Xeon 5520
  • 24 GB of DDR system RAM
  • 4x300GB 10,000 RPM Raid-10
  • 100 Mbps Ports

In order to provide you with the best service possible we never overcrowd our servers.

Network Info

All our datacenters have the following

  • UPS & diesel generator power backup & redundancy
  • 200+ tons of AC power
  • fiber redundancy through multiple private OC-192 SONET rings
  • redundant architecture Gigabit Ethernet-based internal network, using Juniper backbone-grade equipment
  • redundant, geographically dispersed, connectivity to all of the world's major backbones

What Our Customers Say?

I have had websites with many hosting companies over many years - pretty much since the Internet was all shiny and new. I have been hosted by both big-name companies and smaller ones. But I have never been as satisfied with a hosting company as I am with Hawk Host. In my opinion, Hawk Host is the absolute best hosting company in existence. Their package prices are extremely reasonable, and I've never had any problems with downtime. Hawk Host is a friendly, professional company that delivers first-rate service. To everyone at Hawk Host: thank you so much for being so awesome!

Whitney |
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