Quad Core Raid-10 Servers

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Monday August 27, 2007

After successfully upgrading our Mercury server to raid-10 and seeing the dramatic speed increases I’ve been in the process of securing machines so we can get all our old dual Opteron machines upgraded.  This time around we’re upgrading Mars to Quad CPU raid-10 configuration.  Due to the fact in the background over the past few months we’ve been fixing up our internal infrastructure we’re able to upgrade servers on the fly without any noticeable down time.  All our servers have the ability to use others IP’s with a quick command.  This is unheard when it comes to hosts our size or even some big ones rather switch your IP and have you deal with all sorts of dns issues.  This does not just apply to server upgrades either, we can move customers to other servers by request if performance is not up to par.

Well I figured I’d make a post about this since I’m pretty excited about bringing more performance and redundancy to all our servers :)

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