Bosco Hard at Work

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Thursday November 8, 2007

We recently decided to bring our backup duties in house opposed to have storage provided by someone in else in the data center. The big reason for us making this decision was just how slow our backups were becoming as a result bogging down the servers much longer than they should. So we added Bosco the 3x500GB Raid-5 server to be used as our machine to put backups on. It has thus far been up for about 2 days now and has been hard at work syncing our backups once again. So here’s the traffic for bosco over the past 24 hours over the private side of our network.

Bosco Bandwidth Graph Bosco has maxed out at 71mbit thus far and that’s some serious speed going through our backup storage now. So our backups should be flying along and not bog down the servers half as much as they used to :)

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