Subversion and Trac on cPanel

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Saturday November 24, 2007

Well I’d just like to say we’ve started testing a cPanel plugin that will allow us to support Subversion and Trac installs right from cPanel!  Yes you heard that right simple to use SVN along with awesome web hosting you just cannot go wrong.  Right now it is a beta product so obviously it is not polished by any means and is not a standard feature just yet.  But we’re hoping within a few months it will be standard on all our servers.

Right now all our production level testing of this plugin is being done on our Venus server so anyone on it can request to join in on the testing by shooting out an email to support to have it enabled on their account.  Of course if you were on the previous Venus server and had SSH and felt like playing around you may have noticed we had SVN running on it previously and it was working.  I have been personally been using it for 6 months on Venus without anyone noticing except of course our support staff.

So if you’re wondering what is SVN is well it’s a version control system (VCS) that allows you to manage the code of a programming project much more efficiently.  There is no sending people specific files or version conflicts.  You just update your code from the repository and when you’ve finished making changes commit it and SVN will know which files you changed and it’ll put them together as a version.  That’s a simple explanation but it’s much more complicated than that so feel free to check out the wikipedia entry That’s it for now as always if you have any suggestions for other features we shoot add send us an email we’re always willing to discuss it.  Like right now we’re waiting for more requests for site builders to be standard on all servers so give us your say by emailing sales and it’ll get to the right person :)

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