Happy Holidays + More

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Tuesday December 25, 2007

Everyone here at Hawk Host would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays. Other than that here’s a nice picture :)

Happy Holidays


So what’s going on other than Holidays? Well we’re now running Apache 2.2 with suPHP on both PHP4 and PHP5 which is a major step to improve performance as well as make our lives easier to manage things. It wasn’t a super smooth migration by any means as we had an issue with the PHP4 installs on one of the machines originally but that was quickly fixed.

Other than that we’ll be sending notice out soon about PHP4 EOL and how it is going to affect Hawk Host. What it’s looking like right now is we’ll be moving PHP4 to a secondary PHP version at the start of February and by August or whenever there is a serious concern about PHP4 it will be removed completely. So if you read our blog and are currently hosted with us we recommend you test your scripts under PHP5. This can be done through cPanel by going to the PHP configuration option and selecting PHP5 as your version.

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