Starbucks Monster!

Posted By: cody

Last Updated: Saturday December 29, 2007

Thought his is a bit off topic I thought I would share my story with the Starbucks Monster that was created by having a cup of coffee fester on my desk for a month or so.

Occasionally I grab some expensive coffee from Starbucks when I’m on the run (just a coffee with two packets of Splenda) just to get the much needed caffeine. Well some reason I didn’t finish this coffee and set it on my desk where it was left for a month or so due to my excessive laziness. What happened next was beyond my comprehension: it appeared to have grown some sort of “Starbucky” skin! I documented my finds below:

Here I was trying to poke the specimen to get it on the patented green Starbucks straw. It somehow kept slipping away regardless of how much I tried to squish it between the cup and the straw.


After numerous attempts of getting the specimen hooked I finally succeeded and was able to drag it up the side of the cup for further inspection.


After looking in awe at my creation I decided to lay it out on a paper plate to see what it looked like. It appeared to keep the form of the cup even after my mangling of it. I poked several holes in it but it appears to have “regenerated” itself.


After all of this I got a bit curious and decided to look at it close up.. needless to say I was a bit horrified.


That brings a conclusion to my Starbucks Monster experience. I’ve since then have decided to avoid Splenda as much as possible..


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