Driving Annoyances

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Wednesday April 2, 2008

I don’t really have anything hosting related to talk about so I’m just going to rant about some things that really annoy me when I’m driving.

So the first thing that really drives me insane is cars who love to slam on their brakes when they go through snow.  I don’t know how stupid you can be but every time there is maybe a patch of snow on part of a road instead of driving through it most people like to slam on their brakes.  I haven’t crashed as a result of it but every time I have to then slam on my brakes as well I figure it’s just a matter of time and either my car slides or someone else’s does behind me or heck even the person who started it.

My next gripe has got to be people who love to ride the ass of other cars.  Being 1 meter away from a car is not the smartest thing to do.  It seems to be mostly idiots in trucks such as those massive FORD ones, but it can be cars to.  I think they’re trying to scare you into getting off the road or something which is not happening.  In some cases they’re completely oblivious to the people ahead of the car they’re behind.  So great my car is going slow supposedly but maybe it’s the 10 others ahead of me that also might be the cause and riding my ass is not going to help the cause at all.

Now an extension of the whole driving to closely to another car is the not driving to the road conditions.  I’m amazed by these vehicles who in a snow storm attempt to do 120KM/H in a 80 zone when the roads are covered in snow.  I don’t know what they’re thinking honestly.  It amazes me when they also are a meter away from the car ahead of them so all it takes is the car ahead of them to slam on their brakes and there is a crash.

But what really annoys me about not driving to the weather is when someone drives 30KM/H in a 80KM/H zone in the winter or heck even around April time when there is snow around but not on the roads!  These people successfully turn what is generally not a congested highway into one!  They probably causes more crashes due to the fact others are now going to try to get around them with whatever means necessary.  Most of the people who drive super slow when they shouldn’t have to are senior citizens and probably shouldn’t even have their licenses at this point.

Now the thing that I have trouble fathoming sometimes is when somehow a car is unable to accelerate faster than a transport truck.  There are 2 lanes and they decide to go in what is suppose to be the fast one while the trucks are in the right hand lane.  Well when the truck and the car are neck and neck or the car is going slower I’m in amazement at the traffic jam they’re going to cause.  If your car can honestly not accelerate faster than a slow transport truck maybe the car does not belong on the road anymore?

And finally my last gripe I can think of at the moment is ricer cars or even beat up civics or other shitty cars who always want to race nice car out of intersections.  I didn’t notice this much until I got my G35 Coupe and I’ve had it not even 6 months and I’ve lost count the number of idiots who rev their engines or who just gun it out of an intersection because they’re next to my car.  Now I’ve decided to play along a few times and blow them out of the water.  But the funny thing is after that happens when they do catch up because I don’t really see the need to be going way over the speed limit they love to just fly by me like going 180KM/h in a 80 zone is something special.  Well the best part is a few I’ve seen get pulled over a few minutes later and you know they just got themselves a massive fine for that excessive speeding :)

Well my driving ran hopefully our next blog post will be hosting related in some way.

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