Internal Fun

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Sunday May 11, 2008

Over the past few weeks we’ve been making a lot of internal changes to help improve our efficiencies as we were still doing things like we did them three years ago.  When Hawk Host started as Devoted Host the primary offering was reseller accounts that came with quite a bit of resources but were also very reliable.  I would say over the past 8 months or so we’ve started doing a lot more shared accounts compared to reseller accounts due to our more competitive prices on them and our focus on adding more of them.  Now this isn’t a big deal, however due to our reseller focus we never had a good setup for activating and controlling shared hosting accounts.  We ran them without packages and also without them being contained in special reseller accounts to do branding of the control panel and various things like that.  Over the past few weeks we’ve slowly been migrating shared accounts onto special reseller accounts on each server so that we can stand doing cPanel branding and special offers and things like that.  A painful process which we hope to have done very soon.

The other internal change we’ve been working on has been due to us now offering credit card payments directly through our site via our merchant account.  One requirement of being a merchant was providing a phone contact on our website.  As many of you know we do not offer phone support so we do not advertise a phone number on our site.  Well that has changed as we as of this moment do have a 1-800 number that can be called around the clock.  Now at this time the hours are really not set in stone or anything like that but we do have it.  We should have the announcement of the new credit card payment option by Monday as well as our new 1-800 number.

So yep lots of internal changes going on around here these days.  We also have several other announcements coming down the tubes very soon as well :)

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