The Broken Ipod

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Wednesday May 21, 2008

My Ipod was eventually going to break at some point as it was I believe a 3rd generation Ipod and I think it’s over 5 years old now but I could be wrong. It had issues with locking up randomly for close to 2 years now and I had not thought much of it since the original warranty and the store warranty ran out a long time ago. The freezing issues of course could be solved with a simple reset of the Ipod which I was getting quite good at I might add.

I recently installed an Ipod kit into my car (g35 coupe) and It is a pretty slick setup I might add with the ipod docking inside my centre console. This however has one flaw I did not realize and that was you should not be attempting to reset your Ipod while driving. Well I was at a stop light and I needed to do something on the Ipod that couldn’t be done easily from my car audio. So I switched to normal radio took my ipod out and proceeded to change everything. That went quite well no issue did it while the light was still red and then when it turned green I still had my Ipod in my hand. I proceeded to attempt to attach it back into my console while accelerating and I accidentally dropped it. Now I’ve dropped things under my seat before so I figured I’ll fish it out when I get home as I could not get it. It turns out it did not fall to the bottom under my seat but in between the console and my seat. So when I was unable to find it by sliding my hand under my seat like an idiot I moved my seat forward. I ended up squashing the Ipod screen and thus wrecking the screen. This is one death to my ipod I did not anticipate. Here’s a picture of the carnage

So what do I have planned next? Well the Ipod still technically works to a degree I mean it still plays music you just can’t really control it due to the fact the screen is a big black blob except for right at the bottom which means you can maybe see maybe one option so in this case the backlight. But besides that you don’t have much control if any with it anymore.

I guess it’ll be time for a new Ipod the only debate is Ipod Touch or Ipod Classic (Basically Video). I’d love to go and get say an Iphone except at this time they’re not in Canada so no point in that. Which means it has to be an Ipod since that’s what my car setup is for. I’m always stuck making the tough decisions. Of course this all happens when I’m also looking to upgrade from a crappy 27" Tv to a 46" HDTV . Expensive toys all like to have me purchase them all at the same time. In fact I bought a Wii on the weekend as well and I ended up spending $400 in total when it was all said and done for Mario Kart, the system and extra controllers and such.

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