Hawk Host Security

Posted By: cody

Last Updated: Sunday May 25, 2008

Here at HawkHost we take security very seriously. In light of the Nation Threat Advisory (Elevated) we’ve hired some new staff to not only harden our machines, but to protect them physically in case someone attempts to fiddle with the hardware.

We would like to welcome our newest staff, Gizmo.

This is before we released the beast from his holding cell, he’s ready to prowl.

Merely thirty minutes after releasing Gizmo from his jail he stole my lunch, unfortunately he ran off with half of my salami. Ferocious indeed..

After eating his (my?) lunch he decided to go take his 15 minute break behind my monitor.

As you can see we take security here very seriously, and I hope this eases any concerns related to our security protocol.


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