PHP Frameworks

Posted By: cody

Last Updated: Friday May 30, 2008

Here at Hawk Host we support (and use in-house) Zend Framework on all of our servers and the response has been amazing. I was a bit curious what other PHP Frameworks were available so I went searching and made a little list. The point of this post is to give people some frameworks they can use here at Hawk Host, and if there’s enough demand we may start supporting certain ones.

PHP Frameworks:

This is only scratching the surface of available frameworks and doesn’t even touch the unique functionality each provide. We personally recommend using PHP5 versions of all of the frameworks because that’s the current standard / supported version (not to mention PHP4 will be deprecated shortly).

Over the next few weeks we’ll be diving into each of these frameworks and breaking down what they offer (MVC, AJAX, Database Support, etc) and their strongpoints. Hopefully this list will give you enough to play with for now.

Until next time!

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