R1Soft Backups + Subversion and Trac + More

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Sunday June 29, 2008

We have a lot of things comes down the pipe line this week which are very exciting.  The first big one is we’re moving away from our own backup system onto using R1Soft CDP solution.  What this means is we’ll be moving to at least daily backups and storing them for a week or more.  With this we’ll also now allow everyone to restore files through their cPanel (it actually logs into the CDP server the cPanel machine is using).  MySQL unfortunately not being available as an option, however we are able to do it if you file a ticket and I’m sure it’ll show up as an option within cPanel at some point in the future.

Along with that we’ve also upgraded our Bosco server.  Well to be exact we have a new server and named it Bosco.  We now have a 4TB system opposed to the small 1TB system we previously had.  Take into account each of our web servers only has 500GB of space on them we have no doubt this new machine will last for quite a while.

So as I type this the seeding of our backups have begun and I have no doubt next week we’ll be announcing the new backup system in our announcement forum as well as publishing this on our website.

Now as far as the subversion integration within cPanel.  I talked about this months ago and at the time I was under the impression we’d have it up and running soon.  Well I believe it’s very close to being a feature finally.  We’re once again testing the system and there is active communication between us and the developers of the software to get all the bugs figured out.  Based on this it’s just a matter of working out a few lingering bugs and we’ll have it on all our servers.

Now the More portion we’ll it’s most miscellaneous things but I think they’re worth a small mention:

Our phone system now works 100% of the time.  We found some issues sending the majority of callers to our voice mail.  We’ve fixed up that after we took a close look and found out we did not configure everything properly.

We’re seeing excellent growth in our shared and reseller offerings.  Every month we’re adding more customers than the previous month.  We can only guess that lots of people are recommending our services we do appreciate that.

Our VPS offering is not going as well as we had planned considering we had so many asking for it before we did not have it.  We’re currently working towards making it a more appealing offer and hopefully we should have that done soon.

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