July is upon us

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Tuesday July 1, 2008

July is finally upon us which means summer is in full swing around here.  Since it’s also July 1st that means it is Canada day but don’t worry we’re not taking the day off. So all that really changes in July is when I drive anyways I see less buses which is great.  I get to where I am going quicker and there is less traffic.

My duties today:

Update the accounting books to reflect last months revenue and gateway expenses.  Being that we’re not just some kid in his basement we do need to keep records.  I find doing the revenue and expenses at the gateway level at the end of the month keeps me more sane.  If I wanted it to be hectic I could go and do all the books the week before October (close to our year end).  But well that be just insane.

I’ll be updating the site to reflect the VPS offering on the front page opposed to it having the dedicated servers.  We don’t sell a lot of dedicated servers so it really makes little sense to have it as one of the front page portions.

I’ll also be switching the specials portion at the bottom of the main page into a link to our weekly specials.  We now have several offerings os it only makes sense to have a page dedicated to the specials.  It’ll just be a matter of keeping them updated.

Now just a random picture to end the post:   Here’s what a computer support tech got sent to them by a customer who’s computer was overheating:

The computer was loud so apparently this was the solution too bad it causes overheating

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