R1Soft Making a Difference

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Wednesday July 9, 2008

I recently made a post about us looking to a new backup solution as our method was using a lot of bandwidth, quite a bit of cpu and taking forever to be completed.

So first I’ll talk about the bandwidth usage we’re now seeing.  Here is what it looked like before for a whole month

Here’s what it looks like thus far on the new system

Although not a full month yet that’s a pretty obvious difference already.

Now lets look at it on a day basis.  Here is what it looked like on a normal day before

Now here’s what it now looks like on an average day

That’s a pretty big difference.  The machines are finishing in record time and pushing barely any bandwidth.  I’d also like to note that is a complete backup not just a percentage of accounts either.

Our load while doing backups is also significantly lower.  In fact it’s not even noticeable on our machines at all.

Finally the best part is the space usage.  We’re using pretty close to the amount of space used on each machine while keeping 7 days worth of backups!

So yep a great success story for us we now have a very reliable backup solution which can continue to grow with us :)

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