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Posted By: cody

Last Updated: Friday July 18, 2008

A few month’s ago we were lucky to see one of our customers to say “Hi” to us or grace their precense on our forums - we had a substantial amount of people we hosted yet we never heard a peep from them. We always were under the impression that we offered a solid service and noone had problems so they just went about enjoying their service(s).

Well in the past few month’s we’ve noticed our customers being more “outgoing” and mentioning us on forums, their own websites, and even referring friends. Why the change? We’re not sure - though we’re glad. It is true we’ve grown significantly in the past few months but it almost seems that someone hit a “On” switch and suddenly decided to tell people they liked us. Who knows.

There’s no real point to this post beyond me ranting - below are just some reviews that people have posted about us recently in case you’re curious.

HawkHost Reviews

Also we still accept testimonials for the frontpage - if you’re interested just send us a ticket with the topic of “Testimonial” and provide us with your name / website. We’ll put it up un-altered for the world to see (we may fix grammar issues if there is any).

Thanks to all of our customers, especially the ones who have gone out of their way to plug us one way or another. We do appreciate it and we’re glad to hear that you’ve been ejoying your service(s) with us. We try our best!


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