1-800 Woes

Posted By: cody

Last Updated: Friday August 8, 2008

Well as most of you are aware we introduced a 1-800 about a month and a half ago. This has been a godsend and a burden all at the same time. Why? Well currently the 1-800 number forwards to only Tony and I’s cell phones, which is all peachy except the fact that we have a horrible tendency to miss calls. After debating if we should remove the 1-800 number from the public until we can properly staff it we’ve decided to introduce certain “business hours” for the 1-800 number to assure people someone will be on the other line.

As of right now we’re still discussing the proper hours / days to staff the 1-800 number - though it will likely be normal business hours (Mon-Fri 9-5). We’re also training another staff member to alleviate some of the work load and provide extra 1-800 and live chat coverage.

On a side note we’re starting to revamp the knowledgebase after fixing the templates (they weren’t parsing newlines) - so expect to see it grow over the next few weeks. If you have any particular you think we should add please let us know!

Until next time, Cody

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