Hawk Host Site Road to Zend Framework

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Tuesday August 12, 2008

The Hawk Host site currently uses a semi framework I built several years ago to do MVC.  It was great at the time was very light weight and did the job.  As we’ve grown over the past year we’ve found it necessary to change things on our site and add pages.  This is now where it gets tricky as my framework system did not actually have any search engine friendly URL system built into it.  We actually manually specify the rewrites in our .htaccess which has become troublesome as more than just myself need to modify our site.  Not to say there aren’t some things that are easy to change.  One of them being the features of our pages which are dynamically loaded for the most part and can inherit that of other pages.  For example our reseller page inherits a lot of the features from our shared hosting page.

So here goes our road to having our site in Zend framework while keeping our existing url’s while using new url’s for our old url’s.

The site will be using the following Zend Framework features:

Now as far as what exactly will be changed once the site goes up.  Not a whole lot it’ll still be as fast as ever and it will continue to still use the same design.  Using Zend Framework however enables us to easily add new features without all the annoying manual rewrites going on.  So some features we may even have for when the site is Zend framework powered are:

So there’s a preview to our road to Zend Framework.  I’ll be sure to make another post once we have our site running using Zend framework.

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