Server Status E-Mails

Posted By: cody

Last Updated: Monday November 3, 2008

Recently its been brought to our attention that not everyone knows how we handle server updates (planned maintenance, emergencies, etc) and as a result they’re noticing brief chunks of downtime with no explanation.

We post every little thing that may affect your experience with us including things such as network maintenance, machine maintenance, hardware failure, essentially anything that might possibly affect someone. As a result sending an e-mail each time will get quite cumbersome and a lot of clients have expressed a dislike for so many e-mails - so we decided to use the forum as a sort of “opt-in” on status updates. You can either visit the forum and just browse, or you can subscribe to the status forum and receive e-mails when there’s a new post - or basically allowing you to keep up to date with everything we’re doing and keep tabs on all scheduled maintenance.

Granted this isn’t the “best” solution - it seems to be working out alright and the majority of the people who want receive e-mails have susbcribed - I just though I’d go ahead and make a fairly long-winded post regarding it.

Sorry for the excessive ranting with no real direction - its a wonder that Tony still lets me post on this thing ;)!

Until next time, Cody

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