New Computer Built

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Sunday November 9, 2008

I ordered computers parts last week to upgrade from my aging dual core opteron 165 with 2gb ram to a quad core with 4gb ram.  Well after it taking me from Wednesday to Friday to build the machine it’s finally up and running and has all my programs once again installed.  I probably overspent or made really bad decisions on the best bang for the buck parts but this new machine was an out of the blue build out of necessity.  The week before my former computer’s raid array degraded and refused to rebuild.  It was also now blue screening frequently which made me not feel to confident in it long term.  The obvious solution was to format the machine but I figured it was an excellent excuse to build a new machine.  This now also gives me a machine that can be used to do a lot of testing.  So I’ll probably load my old opteron 165 up with windows server and have it handle a bunch of virtual machines for testing purposes.

So I imagine you’re curious what I built so here’s what I ended up with:

I think it’s a pretty solid build overall.  I could have used cheaper parts at spots and not bought a sound card.  But I play quite a few games which make use of sound blaster x-fi only features.

As far as the video card I had an old 8800 which is not a bad card so I’m using it for the time being.  I plan on grabbing a newer card in a month or two.  But for now it’s fine for the games I’m playing.

This was the first machine I put together myself and it’ll probably be the last one I build.  It just took me way too long to do.  I prefer just giving a list of parts and have someone else put it all together for me.  The experience was worth it but I’d rather not doing it every time I need a new computer.

That’s all I have to talk about right now.  Maybe next week I’ll post about something more hosting related maybe a tutorial of some kind or something like that.

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