Friday Update

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Friday December 5, 2008

It’s been a few days since I last posted anything on the blog so I figured I’d just post what I’m up to today.

As I type this I am currently terminating more suspended accounts who never canceled and it’s simply not worth us sending collections over a $10 hosting account.  As I discussed in our blog a while back it’s annoying that people simply do not pay and expect the hosting account to be canceled.  They get away with it due to the low amount they’re paying.

I’m also in the process of ordering another machine of Washington DC.  We’re growing at a pretty fast pace and we’re requiring a new machine every 2 months at this pace.  This includes even filling in canceled hosting accounts with new one.  We’re just gaining way more customers than we’re losing so it means further server expansion.  I love that our customers continue to recommend us on the Internet which is a big reason we’re growing as fast as we are.

We’re also looking for a web designer actively as we’d like to have a new site up in 2009.  In the past we’ve worked with people who were strictly designers.  This time we’re looking for someone with artistic ability so we can have it all done by one person.  Previously we’ve had to hire different people to do say the logo, buttons ect. ect.  Then another person to make the actual design and turn it into html.  We already have some people in mind for filling the position but if you have any recommends or are interested yourself feel free to contact us.

Hawk Host recently bought me a new office chair which is on it’s way.  I had a nice executive chair for a while, but the memory foam on it has simply gone away making it feel like I’m sitting on just the frame which was causing some back troubles for me.  I was also not feeling very comfortable in it before then so this time around I’m going to with an ergonomic chair that was highly recommends.  I ended up going with an Ergohuman which I’ll talk about once I have it here in the office.  I’m just an oddly shaped person I guess and I need a chair with 100 different adjustment options.  I’m hoping it ends the problems for me and I can feel more comfortable and be more efficient as a result.

Now personally I’m trying to make sense of what is wrong with my monitors.  I have a dual Viewsonic VX922 setup and for the past week I’ve had syncing issues with my secondary display.  I believe it’s a problem with the monitor itself but I am not 100% sure.  I decided to reinstall Ultramon and I now have a working secondary display once again.  But for how long who knows, but all I know is if it continues Viewsonic will be hearing from an angry customer.  I paid quite a bit for these monitors and I’m well within my warranty period so I’ll be shipping them the broken monitor back to have it replaced.  It’s pretty annoying though moving from a dual display setup to just a single monitor.

Oh and once I finish some things here I’m probably going to play some Left 4 Dead which is an awesome game.  I’m loving it and it’s one of those games that is awesome with a few friends.  I recommend it to anyone who does not already have it.

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