Small Hawk Host Migration

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Friday December 12, 2008

This afternoon I switched some things on the Hawk Host site mostly to do with non customer facing things.  The big one was I switched the server the site runs on and the IP address as well.  This was mostly due to our site requiring more and more resources due to the amount of traffic we now receive in a daily basis.  It wasn’t too much of an issue, but our traffic has been going up for some time so I figured it was a good time to make that switch.

I did an awful job migrating and put the site on the wrong IP originally which may have messed things up for some users.  Hopefully that’s not the case due to the TTL of all the records being 60 seconds.  Some ISP’s however do not seem to listen to that so things end up being cached for longer anyways.  I also did not install the right SSL certificate the first time around.  I did correct that pretty quickly but still some issues for a few minutes.  I clearly did not bring my A game today with all the screw ups I managed to pull off with a simple migration.

Our site is now powered by FastCGI opposed to suPHP.  We’re the only site on the server I figure may as well run something that is a bit faster.  Granted we have tons of cpu power so it’s not going to matter but I like the fastest thing possible if it’s just one site on a server.

My new chair unfortunately is still not here.  There were a ton of screw ups at UPS as far as I can tell as my shipment has had it’s scheduled delivery change numerous times.  It’s also had about 5 exceptions so far which is pretty insane.  The last known scheduled delivery date is Monday but who knows with them.  I just hope I get it soon I can’t take stand sitting in a chair that’s not even a chair meant for a desk.

As far as anything else I have nothing really to report.  I’ve been sending out emails to several software vendors about various things.  We always like to keep on top of technology to improve our hosting experience and some of these may make it possible.

Finally I’ve got a slew of web designers to go through to pick one that we’ll use for help with our new site design as well as working on various other projects we plan to have going on in the new year.

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