We're cool too..

Posted By: cody

Last Updated: Thursday February 19, 2009

We’ve finally decided to break down and setup a Twitter account for Hawk Host. Why? Well actually for several reasons! Besides allowing us to integrate with the new website to add a splash of “freshness” - it will allow you to keep up-to-date with recent happenings here at Hawk Host. Like what you might ask?

Ultimately this allows us another form of communication to our customers; one in which we strive to improve. We believe communication is key to providing a quality service (that and, well quality). Hope to see you fellow nerds people following soon!

Twitter URL: http://twitter.com/hawkhost

*EDIT*: I forgot to mention we got this idea from one of our customers recommending it to us - so don’t be shy in giving us some input on what YOU would like to see.


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