The Past Week

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Saturday March 7, 2009

It’s been an exciting week here at Hawk Host with the launch of our new site, various new features coming around the corner, exciting new customers and other projects now coming into full swing.

New Site We launched our new site on Monday with very few problems if any.  It was pretty exciting to see months of work finally go live.  It was our biggest site endeavor ever with it involving a artist, web designer and our programming.  With this many people part of the chain this is why it took as long as it did.  It is finally live and for the most part all bugs are squashed at this point.  We have plans of adding more features and adding more content as with the new design this is possible.

New Features It could be as soon as next week we’ll be offering LiteSpeed Web server to our VPS customers with the cost being that of what you’d pay directly to litespeed or even lower.  We’re still hammering out small details but expect to see this offered soon and it’ll include assistance from our support in making this possible.

Exciting New Customers Every new customer is exciting to talk about so thank you for everyone who signed up the past month or so.  We crushed our sales record in February so sorry January 2009 you were beat out by February 2009.  Now the more exciting thing is we’re now hosting the College Gaming League.  I cannot reveal anything more than that but if you’re in University/College right now and love video games I suggest you sign up and play in the Spring Madness.

New Projects The big one is going to be once again working on our own custom client area (billing and support) system.  I don’t know if it’ll ever see the light of day but I hope someday it will.  With things slowing down in terms of other projects it might actually start showing that it is becoming production ready.  I’m not sure how exactly we’ll do this as we planned on offering it as paid software.  So rather than risking our hides running it we may very well run an open beta with everything ready to charge people except it’ll be free until we feel it’s ready for prime time.  It may seem like we’re not confident in it but we’d rather be safe than sorry and have a lot of people involved in the development of it.

The other project that is not so exciting but I love to mention it because I hate doing it is the accounting books.  I will probably be spending a week or so off and on going over the books and making sure everything is up to date.  I know it’s very exciting but it is something that must be done.  I have procrastinated it long enough and with the corporate year already 6 months in I feel it’s best to get it over with so there is less work at the end.

That’s about all there is worth talking about right now I’ll be sure to talk more about things over the next few weeks.

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