The Server is Overloaded

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Saturday April 18, 2009

This has got to be my favorite type of ticket we get because it never makes any sense.  I don’t know if it’s all the “non overselling” hosts spewing servers are overloaded if you sell more than 250MB space on a $10/month hosting account or what.  But we have had an increasing number of tickets titled this where it has nothing to do with a machine being overloaded at all.  Apparently no matter what the problem is the server is overloaded is the cause.  Here are some examples of recent tickets, chats and calls I’ve seen with regards to the servers being supposedly overloaded.

I’d just like to thank all the brainwashing from some hosts on the internet who have convinced a small amount of users no matter the problem it’s a sign of the server being overloaded.  As a result we have to explain how a PHP syntax error does not mean the server is over loaded.  Also 0.50 load average on a brand new 8 CPU system does not mean it’s overloaded no matter what xyz host says about how anything above 0.00 is bad.  It’s just what some of these hosts need to do post all over the internet to compete I understand.  It just sure is annoying posting over and over again that whatever the error is has nothing to do with the server’s system resource usage.

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