How to Receive Better Support

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Friday May 15, 2009

A lot of people believe to receive good support all you need to do is make a ticket and it’ll all handle itself unfortunately this is not the case and I’d just like to outline how you can receive better support.  So here’s some tips in no particular order

I am sure there are others but these are ones that come to mind.  The one that applies the most is probably the relevent information one.  Every day we receive countless tickets with no information which means it could take hours to resolve depending on the users speed of replying back.  For example a user could file a ticket about their site not having an error but not providing any location to the error.  The user makes the ticket says to themselves it’ll be a bit I’m going to walk away from my computer for a few hours.  The technician responds back in 15 minutes asking for more information and we do not hear anything back for 4 hours.  The user checked their site the problem was still there so they reply to the email asking for more information in a rude manner while providing the information.  The whole issue could have been solved just be providing the information from the start rather than assuming we knew they were talking about their add-on domain’s folder .  The assumption should always be we have no idea about your sites or what is running.

That’s all I have for tips right now it had been a while since there has been a new blog post and I’ve been going through old tickets in the past week and noticed a lot of these issues coming up.  So hopefully this should help everyone receive that A+ support.

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