HyperVM Situation

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Tuesday June 9, 2009

We run HyperVM as I assume most of our virtual private server customers know already and have seen all the posts all over the Internet warning about it being accessible as LxLabs the developers may not have patched all the holes.  We’ve been running HyperVM for the past day with it only being accessible to our internal IP’s which we use to access all our servers thus it is not open to the Internet due to the firewall blocking it.  This of course is not a permanent solution to the problem at hand and hopefully access will be restored at some point but the stigma from the whole situation is still there.  There are posts all over the Internet saying we will no longer go with a provider using HyperVM.  This puts us in a tough spot obviously where we could lose customers or lose potential customers.  So I’d like to at least talk about what the long term plan is for us.

As it stands we’re stuck with HyperVM for at least a month or two at this point.  There are no reasonable alternatives where it contains all the features necessary as well as the pricing to make sense.  There are talks about others creating systems at a much faster pace because of these issues that have come up.  We are also not taking any chances with us shifting our development focus over to a replacement for HyperVM.  We have strong belief that we can replace it and have all the features if not more within a few months.  Now that’s what we’re saying but will that happen that is still up in the air as development can have unexpected turns.  If we’re close to having something completed we’ll be sure to make a blog post with screen shots or something like that.

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