Development Update

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Thursday June 25, 2009

As you may have noticed there hasn’t been many posts as of recently and this is due to the fact things just are not progressing as planned.  This does not have to do with development difficulties but the fact things here at Hawk Host have been extremely busy.  In the past six months our subscriber base has doubled with each month us having more sign ups than the previous month.  This has caused things to be a little hectic to say the least with constant expansion (many new servers added) and having to deal with the increased support load and having to come up with a solution to that.  With myself handling the majority of the development of the panel having all these things going on has resulted in some days where unfortunately I’m busy making calls, dealing with suppliers or just working with customers.  Obviously with myself being a huge part and with the rest of our team mostly assisting with testing this can slow down development a lot even in testing with such a huge amount of growth we’re seeing.  My hopes are to have this all solved by the latest July as I’m in the last portion of getting it all straightened out.  This means a much more focused development effort and less other things getting in the way.

So I’m sure people are still wondering how far are we exactly?

The administrative system everything necessary to keep data and track of everything is in place.  The client area which shares he code base from some of the admin side is lacking the same thing the administrative system does not yet have.  This is the layer where communication to panels happen.  This means the abstract as well as the actual Openvz platform.  Besides that everything is pretty much in place though.  This is obviously a key to the system although I’d say having data do what it’s suppose to is a lot more important in the end than having the communication layer.  Communication layer can be changed/fixed but if data gets out of sync or is incorrect that’s a little more difficult to fix later on.

So to summarize everything been some delays but things are progressing just not at the rate I had hoped when we started.  It should start picking up as everything falls in place at Hawk Host to deal with the increasing number of new subscribers.

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