Beefed Up Support

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Monday October 19, 2009

The last week of September we noticed something strange that hasn’t been an issue in some time we were unable to keep up with the support demands.  September was our best month ever in terms of growth and as a result we were seeing a lot of support inquiries from new users.  We had a lot of questions just about various portions of our hosting but also had a lot of account restores from previous hosts.  Restoring an account can be a time consuming thing to do depending on the size of the account and the speed of the other hosts.  So our response times were becoming slower to general inquiries as well as our restores taking much longer than they had in the past during certain times of the day.

After about a week of the slower response times we had put things in motion to fix this issue and restore support response times to their usual speed.  That wait is over and well it was actually over early last week but I waited until this week to post it to confirm everything is great once again.  So how did we beef up support exactly?  Well by adding more people of course!  So if you make a habit of making tickets you may have already had tickets handled by them but please welcome

That’s addition to the usual suspects

So we’re once again prepared for amazing growth in the months to come without any compromise of support.  Of course I say this now and who knows 3 months from now we’ll be dealing with crazy growth again and expanding our support staff again.

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