Moderation Is Key

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Wednesday March 24, 2010

I always believe in moderation when it comes to anything never do anything excessively.  In this case I’m talking about working which is why over the past few weeks I’ve made a point to reduce my hours to more reasonable levels and just be less of a control freak.  If you make tickets you may have noticed that I haven’t been responding to the tickets as much as I typically do and others have been picking up the slack.  It’s not all that I haven’t been doing though as I usually do.

Along with not responding to as many tickets and letting everyone else pick up the slack of my insanity.  I have also not been reading every ticket I can get my hands on and being a more trusting individual.  I realize if we’re going to continue to grow I can’t be hovering over everything like a Hawk.  It just makes so if I got hit by a car tomorrow or something where I was gone for an extended period of time everything would continue to function as normal.  A lot of web hosting companies rely on one person to do nearly everything and that’s something I’ve been trying to do less of.  If I’m not here then there is someone else there to handle a problem or post a maintenance notice or whatever.

So what have I been doing with my free time?  Well doing things I just sort of stopped doing over the past 8 months as I really got into the whole running Hawk Host thing.  I started playing Battle Field Bad Company 2 which by the way is awesome.  I’ve put in the time and I’ve unlocked pretty much everything now at this point except some aspects of the engineer which I think is the hardest class to do it.  I just don’t have the patience to be repairing things or being a real non factor as far as kills are concerned.  So I’ll be doing that for a bit then decide I want to be at the top of the scoreboard and switch to Assault, Medic or Recon whichever makes the most sense.  I’m playing the game on PC and I really would have it no other way console FPS games are just not for me I’m to set in my ways of FPS games are PC only and xbox or whatever is just a dumbed down version.  I suppose when you’ve played all the Quake games, counter strike and various other ones that were PC first it’s just tough to accept auto aim or just less run and gun style of play.

I haven’t just spent all my free time playing video games though that be pretty bad.  I’ve taken the time out to get a new car which unfortunately I will not have until late May early June as they just didn’t have the one I wanted in all of Canada.  My 2004 Infiniti G35 coupe has done me well the past 3 years I’ve had it.  It was the first car I ever owned myself but it was used and came from someone else’s 2 year lease.  It’s been showing it’s age as far as goodies and with it’s warranty finally running out (it had an extended warranty via Infiniti) I decided it was time for a new car.  So I decided trade in made sense went to my Local Infiniti dealer and decided on a Red 2010 G37 Sport coupe with Hi-tech package of course.  I’m sure some would say why not a BMW or Mercedes or whatever but I’m a little out of range of any decent dealerships and I rather not have a 2 hour drive anytime I have to go to the dealership for servicing on my car.  The fun is not over with my current car just yet I still have the winter tires on it since the dealership won’t give me anything for the Volk rims my Michelin Pilot Sport PS2’s.  So I’ll end up having to sell them on ebay or something like that.  It was fun having those expensive Rims but it also had hassles as far as not being officially supported by my car or even the Michelin accepting the fact they originally sold me a bad tire.  I actually spent money on 5 tires after one exploded just 50 km’s after I had it for no reason.  They ended up just giving me a tiny discount on a new one since they said it was probably bad but since it was not the normal size for my car (18’s vs 19’s of my volks) they would probably not give me a new one under their warranty policy.  So anyways very exciting to finally get a new car.

I’ve also handled a bunch of miscellaneous things like personal taxes and just general not being working as much as usual.  So basically what I’m saying is everyone needs to work less and have a bit of balance in their life.

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