Big Softaculous Update

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Thursday December 23, 2010

There was a big Softaculous update released today which brings their total available scripts to 175!  They are closing in on the 200 mark quickly and blowing all the other auto installers out of the water in terms of total scripts.  They are also significantly faster in updating compared to others like Fantastico.  Here is the list of new software that was made available today:

  1. TomatoCart
  2. TaskFreak
  3. TCExam
  4. PHP Point Of Sale
  5. PHP QR Code
  6. ATutor
  7. cFTP
  8. TheHostingTool
  9. OpenNewsletter
  10. CMS Made Simple
  11. PaintbrushJS
  12. The Bug Genie
  13. AjaxAC
  14. PRADO
  15. yii
  16. Symfony
  17. xAjax
  18. DIY
  19. Kohana
  20. Zend
  21. PhpOpenBiz
  22. Vanilla Forums
  23. PHPDevShell
  24. OrangeHRM
  25. FrontAccounting
  26. Mound

That is an impressive list and what is more impressive I haven’t heard most of them but hey the more available is great.  It gives users far more options than the standard 20 applications most users install.  There is other quality software out there that are just not as popular as the big ones.

These new applications will be available on all servers within 24 hours when their daily Softaculous update happens.

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