Boxing Day Sale - Stats and Graphs

Posted By: brian

Last Updated: Wednesday December 29, 2010

Since we did this for our Black Friday sale, we figured why not throw some numbers at our avid readers about the results of our Boxing Day sale.

The sale was a resounding success and we saw a lot more sales than we anticipated. We knew Boxing Day was big with everyone in Canada, but we saw a huge turnout from people around the world who were anxious to take advantage of a great deal. Here’s a quick run down of what the day entailed:

And, as promised, a graph:

The sale also brought in roughly 3 times as many orders compared to our daily average for December, and our site saw about 2 times as many visitors. We did a little bit better with the Black Friday deals, but this was still a huge success. And yes, we did add another server to the fleet to accommodate the additional orders.

On behalf of the entire Hawk Host staff, we hope everyone is having a safe, happy, and relaxing holiday season. Look forward to a lot more coming in 2011!

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