Now offering SSL certificates!

Posted By: brian

Last Updated: Wednesday April 6, 2011

After what seems like years and years of discussion on the topic, we’ve finally completed our SSL lineup! From this day forward you can now purchase multiple tiers of SSL certificates directly from Hawk Host. These certificates, ranging from the most basic AlphaSSL all the way up to Extended Validation, are the same certificates you can purchase from any other trusted CA.

With the addition of SSL certificates to our products, we’re taking one more critical step to being a one stop web hosting solution. These certificates are fully compatible with all of our shared, reseller, and VPS services. Here’s a quick breakdown of each certificate we’re going to be selling:

AlphaSSL: The most basic certificate, AlphaSSL offers the fastest issuance speed while still maintaining 99+% browser compatibility with 256 bit encryption support. Full details are available here.

Domain Validated SSL: Domain Validated SSL certificates provide a higher level warranty than AlphaSSL certificates, along with SGC support. They are issued within 1-2 hours and like AlphaSSL, provide a full 256 bit encryption. More details can be found here.

Organization Validated SSL: Organization Validated SSL certificates offer a full organization validation, so that your site seal and SSL certificate include your organization name. The direct result of this validation is your users can be even more certain they’re visiting your site and not a fraud / phishing site. More information about Organization Validated SSL is available here.

Extended Validation SSL: Extended Validation SSL certificates provide the highest level of validation and verification on the Internet today. They’re the certificates which turn your browser green (click here for an example) that you’ve seen becoming more and more frequently over the past few years. These certificates are meant for businesses, organizations, and services whose users require the highest level of trust and security. All of our Extended Validation SSL certificate information can be found here.

You will see the option to add an SSL certificate to your shopping cart on our order form now. Alternatively, you can also purchase just an SSL certificate and install it onto an existing domain name / accounts. One thing to note is that an SSL certificate will require a dedicated IP. All of our certificates are issued by a future proof 2048 bit SHA-1 root certificate authority, ensuring the highest level of trust possible.

With prices starting at just $14.99 per year for the AlphaSSL certificate, this is a great (and affordable) opportunity for a user to enhance the security of their website. If you need purchase assistance or clarification on any of the certificates (we know it’s a lot of information), send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you out however possible.

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