List of hidden HipChat smilies

Posted By: cody

Last Updated: Saturday June 4, 2011

We recently started using HipChat internally to help improve communication within the company and to essentially have an intranet type of chat. After playing around with CampFire and toying around with our own XMPP server one of our colleagues mentioned hearing about a startup named HipChat. After a trial week period we were hooked, and highly recommend the application if you need a group chat / collaborative tool within your company.

More importantly the folks at HipChat have an unofficial ever-changing list of smilies that they support within their application. Unfortunately they’re a bit stubborn on providing a full list of smilies they support - primarily because they use them internally / in development. We accidentally stumbled upon a little nest while reading our favorite website and talking in one of our HipChat channels.

Here is a list of smilies we’ve found so far that we haven’t found listed elsewhere. It took a little bit of trial and error but our efforts proved successful:

- (reddit) - (lol) - (awyeah) - (fu) - (troll) - (cereal) - (sadtroll) - (megusta) - (okay) - (wtf) - (ohcrap) - (yuno) - (challengeaccepted) - (huh) - (foreveralone) - (yey) - (gtfo) (same as huh) - (friday) - (pbr) - (lolwut)

If only we could get a (hawkhost) smiley! They do mention that the ability to add custom smilies is on their road map for a future version so perhaps we’ll just have to wait.

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