Shared hosting: Free Bandwidth Upgrades!

Posted By: Brian Farrell

Last Updated: Thursday September 15, 2011

As of today, we’re going to be giving everyone on our shared plans (current and future) a bit of a free upgrade. We did this a few months ago with our reseller plans and it has worked out wonderfully so far. So we figure why not shared plans too?

So what exactly are we offering up? A 50% increase in bandwidth, for free, on all plans. Here’s a breakdown of the upgrades:

Basic: Old plan had 30GB, now includes 45GB

Standard: Old plan had 60GB, now includes 90GB

Advanced: Old plan had 120GB, now includes 180GB

Super: Old plan had 240GB, now includes 360GB

These upgrades have gone into effect immediately, meaning all existing customers received the extra bandwidth already. You can login to cPanel and verify but we’ve made sure (to the best of our ability) each and every user got the increase.

We’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now, but after a careful review of our current resources (both used and available) we realized we could give all of our users a little more transfer without anything else changing. Everybody wins in the end is what we figure.

This is the first of a few changes we’ll be rolling out over the coming months relating to our plans and features. If you’ve got any suggestion on what you think we should offer or change, please do let us know :)

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