Web Hosting Affiliates - Become a Hawk Host affiliate (new payouts)!

Posted By: codyr

Last Updated: Friday October 4, 2013

We’ve had an affiliate program for some time now and most people don’t even know because we don’t actively promote it. Well today we’re happy to announce some changes that existing and new affiliates will like!

cartman-money So much KFC!

Previously we offered 25% towards the commission per sale you got - today we’re excited to change that to 40%! What does this mean for existing affiliates? Well you’re going to be 40% wealthier, 40% closer to your payout and 40% more happy!

All new affiliates get a $15 deposit bonus towards their payout - this should help leap frog you your way to getting paid.

We’ve also added our banners to your client area which you can find by selecting the “Affiliates” tab. We also post numerous codes and links in our forums here. There will be updated banners coming by the end of this month to reflect our new services and quotas so hang tight!

I want to become an affiliate!

Of course you do! All you have to do is register a account with us here and select the “Affiliates” tab once you login. From there you simply activate your account and you’re reading to start pedaling our awesome web hosting!

Give me my money!

If you’ve reached your payout simply contact our sales department and a billing manager will go over your account and send send the funds. At this time we only offer PayPal however keep your eyes peeled for checks and wire transfers!

We have some exciting new services coming up shortly as well as some additional affiliate news - expect another announcement in coming months.

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