A Fresh New Design - Introducing Our Site Builder

Posted By: Brian Farrell

Last Updated: Thursday October 17, 2013

For as long as I can remember, we’ve been using RVSiteBuilder as our integrated / free site builder. While serviceable, and definitely not behind the times a few years ago, there has been a push in the hosting market over the past few years to help SMBs create an online presence. With that push comes professional, easy to use, and affordable site builders. These mom and pop type shops don’t have the deep pockets like a Fortune 500 firm to hire professional designers, but they realize the lost opportunity of not having a web presence. We’re extremely excited to announce the release of our brand new, professional, and affordable site builder. The ability to create a professional looking website is now at the fingertips of every customer.

Success! Success!

What took you so long? It’s 2013!

We’re aware (painfully so) that for a very long time we’ve been unable to compete when it comes to offering a modern site builder. We’ve been focusing on a number of other areas of our company, and while we’ve made a lot of progress there, something was always missing. Nowadays, everybody wants a website. Your local pizzeria, the village barbershop, even your dear grandma may want a place to show off what she spent the last week knitting. Your options used to be limited, either pay a professional designer or use a less than stellar site builder to create an “okay” looking site. With our new site builder, we’re eliminating the need for a third party and allowing anyone, even your grandmother, to create a website some professional designers couldn’t create.

What makes your site builder better than everyone else?

A Demo Website A Demo Website

There are a number of factors that separate our offerings from our competitors. It’s cheap, it’s easy to use, there are an unbelievable amount of features (we’re still learning how to fully utilize all of them!), and it’s integrated right into your account. You get a 30 day free trial to see how much you like the product, and trust me, you will. Check out this page for a breakdown of costs + what’s included, but we’ll expand on some key features below:

Anything else we should know?

First off, don’t just take my word on how awesome this site builder is. I’m not lying to you, but I want you to see for yourself what our product is capable of. You can start a 30 day free trial at any time and have absolutely *zero* obligation to give us a cent. Create a site, destroy it, create it again, and then don’t touch it for the next 29 days. We don’t mind. Our system will remove your work and we won’t come knocking on your door for a bill.

Of course, if you like the site builder (or the site you created) so much you want to pay us, you can do that too. We’ve built the trial so when that when it ends, if you want to go to a paid version, you can take your existing work/site and move it right into the paid product. We don’t want you to waste your time learning the site builder for a product you can’t keep!

Also worth noting, some features are only available on the higher tier plans. If you’re on the ‘Standard’ site builder plan, and there is a feature you absolutely must have on the ‘Premium’ plan, you can upgrade at any time and have instant access to those features. We don’t want your 3AM design and creativity session to be interrupted by our poor design.

Lastly, here is a gallery of a few more images of the site builder:

[gallery link=“file” ids=“2306,2307,2308,2309,2310,2312”]

If you’re ready to get started, just click on this link to start your trial. Any questions can be addressed directly to our sales department, just submit a ticket through our helpdesk!

We sincerely hope you’re all as excited about this site builder as we are. We’d love to hear any comments, feedback, suggestions, or criticism you may have. Don’t be shy!

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