Our VPS Hosting Is On The Move - Now Available in Singapore

Posted By: Brian Farrell

Last Updated: Wednesday November 6, 2013

We’ve had VPS hosting plans available in our Dallas, TX and Washington DC locations for as long as I can remember. While we’ve always been happy with those two locations, we realize not everyone who wants a VPS from us wants one in the US. Ever since we launched our shared hosting in Amsterdam and Singapore, customers have been asking for a VPS option in those same locations. There were a number of factors at play, but after a lot of hard work we’re finally able to announce the availability of VPS plans in our Singapore facility.

Singapore Skyline Singapore Skyline

I’ll try to address a few of the common questions we expect to you to have regarding this exciting change.

Price: Will these VPS plans cost more? We’re quite pleased to say they will not. All prices listed on our website for the current plans (with a single exception) will apply in Singapore. The only price difference will be for additional IPs. Additional IPs will be $4 per month in Singapore compared to the $2 per month in our other two locations.

Resources: The disk space, bandwidth, memory, and CPU limits will all match what is listed on our site. Each VPS will include 1 IP as well. One exciting upgrade is the physical hardware nodes that the VPS plans are setup on. The machine itself is also making use of an SSD based caching solution that optimizes server performance significantly. You can read more about our SSD caching for our VPS servers on this blog post.

Network Connectivity: The VPS network in Singapore is the same as our shared hosting network (Need a speedtest? Click here), which is one of the most connected facilities in the area. These new servers are ideal for customers with target markets in the Asia-Pacific region, including Indonesia and Australia.

Can I re-locate an existing VPS?: In *most* cases, we should be able to help move an existing VPS from our Dallas or Washington locations to Singapore. There will be some specific situations in which doing this would not be possible, so please understand if we have to tell you no. We’ll have a good reason for it, so don’t be afraid to ask why we denied the request.

How do I get my Singapore VPS?: You’d sign up through our site (direct link) just like any other VPS order. On step 3 of the order form, you’ll see a location option dropdown. From there you’d select Singapore for your VPS.

Final Notes: As always, if there are any questions about this announcement we can be reached through our helpdesk or via email. All of us on the Hawk Host team are really excited to make this happen. You wouldn’t believe the amount of requests we’ve had for VPS hosting in Singapore!

Ready to sign up? Start configuring your Singapore VPS now!

With that said, if there is another service or feature you’d like us to add, please let us know. We’re extremely receptive to customer feedback and would love to expand our offerings!

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