Introducing cPanel 62

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Tuesday February 7, 2017

In the past 24 hours our team has been working diligently to deploy cPanel 62 to all our servers and we’re happy to announce this has now been completed.  As always cPanel updates brings new features and various improvements.

Performance Improvements

In many cases email accounts could taken several seconds to load.  This has been reduced to just milliseconds for each email account created.  You can now create email accounts as quickly as you can type.  Along with that many pages users frequently access now have been optimized even further to reduce load times and ensure the fastest possible experience.

Usability Improvements

When you create an email account you can now optionally have a welcome email sent to the user.  This saves you time explaining to each user how to setup email on their computer, tablet and phone.  Simply setup their account provide them with the login details and webmail URL.  From there the first email they’ll receive includes everything they need to stay connected no matter the device

The mysql backup restoration option has been improved to provide you now with useful errors in the event of a restoration failure.  It’s also had an overhaul to reduce memory usage meaning larger databases will be easier to restore.

The DNS zone editor has been completely overhauled to allow you to easily manage customize DNS records.  We understand more and more services require custom DNS changes and this new simplified view allows even the non technical user to feel confident enough to make the necessary records.

Other Improvements

All domains created now will have some form of SSL certificate created upon creation.  If your site cannot immediately have a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate a self signed will be created.

The AutoSSL system has numerous improvements to help make it easier for our team to debug problems reported.  The amount of strain has also been reduced by an improved queue system.

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