Soaring to New Heights: Introducing Hawk Host Cloud Hosting

Posted By: Brian Farrell

Last Updated: Friday March 23, 2018

We’re moving into the cloud! Over the past year we’ve been hard at work on our most ambitious project yet, and as of today we’re officially launching the first ever cloud hosting product at Hawk Host! We’ve designed our cloud to be industry competitive, reliable, and user friendly.

Hawk Host in the Cloud! Hawk Host in the Cloud!

Our cloud hosting product has been purpose built with quality from day one. The hardware, datacenter, network, and software powering our cloud were chosen exclusively on how beneficial it would be to creating a reliable and high performance environment. We’ve spent more time deploying and testing this service than any other product launch in our company history. The end result is a hosting service we’re confident will exceed all your expectations when it comes to performance, uptime, and usability.

New York City is our first location offering cloud hosting. We’re already working on deploying this service to new locations and hope to announce more details about that expansion in the coming months, but for now let’s talk about NYC. Our New York City datacenter is in downtown Manhattan and is extremely well connected at the network level. The facility is one of the largest datacenter telecom buildings in the country, it’s secure, and it’s incredibly redundant. The datacenter is built to run for days at a time in the event of a total outside power loss, natural disaster, or any other catastrophic event.

Much like the datacenter our cloud environment is built upon redundancies. There is no single point of failure at the hardware or network level. We’ve focused on making sure our cloud can scale as you scale, ensuring that if you need more CPU, RAM, or disk on a moments notice we have the capacity to provide it. We’ve spent hundreds of hours testing countless scenarios and we’re confident we’ll be able to provide the reliable environment you need for your most critical projects.

Currently our cloud plans support CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and more. If there’s a Linux/BSD based operating system you want just ask, we’ll make it available! cPanel will be supported on all packages so you can create your own hosting environment in no time. Cloud plans start with 1GB of RAM and scale up to 16GB so we have a package to meet any of your performance needs.

Here’s where it gets exciting! These plans are scalable, meaning you can upgrade or downgrade between plans at any time with the click of a button. No downtime, no changing servers, no hassle at all. Our system will automatically scale you up or down to the new package to handle your ever changing workload needs.

These cloud instances can be managed right through your existing client area and you can perform functions such as upgrades, rebuilds, password changes, and more with the click of a button:

Cloud Control Cloud Control

As part of this product launch we’re offering a limited time 25% recurring discount on any new orders for our cloud product. Place your order before April 1st and receive a 25% recurring lifetime discount on any of the cloud hosting packages!

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