Introducing DirectAdmin Cloud Compute Licenses

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Tuesday January 21, 2020

In July 2019 cPanel announced that they were increasing the license costs for all customers and at that time we talked about partnering with other control panel creators and we’re happy to announce you can now purchase DirectAdmin licenses for your servers at just $6/month

DirectAdmin is developed by JBMC Software and is one of the most popular paid alternatives to cPanel. Unlike cPanel however it supports not only CentOS/RedHat/CloudLinux but also Debian and FreeBSD. At this time however our installations default to CentOS 7 but our team can change your license to another operating system and you’re free to install DirectAdmin on the operating system you desire. DiectAdmin is very comparable to cPanel in terms of usability and features

DirectAdmin supports the Apache, Nginx, LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed webservers. It has support for mod_php, php-fpm FastCGI and LSPHP depending on the web server you elect to utilize. It has support for both MySQL and MariaDB so you’re able to choose which makes the most sense for you. For end users it supports both RoundCube and SquirrelMail which are the most popular open source webmail solutions. For anti spam it has support for SpamAssassin, Pigeonhole, Easy Spam Fighter, BlockCracking and Rspamd. The DirectAdmin interface is definitely a little different if you’re very accustomed to cPanel it however is still very easy to use for an end user.


Email List Interface

Add DNS Record

We know there were concerns about us switching our shared web hosting away from cPanel. With this announcement we want to make clear we have no intentions on doing this. Our offering of DirectAdmin is about offering our cloud compute users who run their own server more control panel options. DirectAdmin we hope is the first of many alternative control panels. If you have any suggestions on one you’d like to see we welcome all suggestions.

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