Embracing the Blockchain! Now Accepting Ethereum!

Posted By: Brian Farrell

Last Updated: Thursday January 30, 2020

We’ve been accepting Bitcoin since 2014 and since then the cryptocurrency phenomenon has exploded. Cryptocurrencies as a whole have become mainstream and they are no longer the projects of a niche community like they used to be. While Bitcoin is still the biggest name in the game, Ethereum isn’t far behind and its benefits are endless. That’s why we’re extremely happy to announce we’re now accepting Ethereum as a payment method for all services!

In a lot of ways Ethereum is similar to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The biggest difference though is that Ethereum is programmable. What does that mean? It enables Ethereum to be used for creation of all sorts of applications (DApps), ranging from finance all the way to gaming. While most people think payments when they think Ethereum, it can also be used for contract executions, trusted and safe verification of important / legal documents, logistics such as shipping, and even voting! This concept is known as smart contracts, and is the biggest underlying difference of Ethereum compared to other currencies you may be familiar with.

If you’re interested in learning more, we suggest checking out the official Ethereum for Beginners. If that seems brief, don’t worry, there’s thousands of hours of additional reading and resources out there if you want to learn more. Maybe you’ll even get your very own wallet, purchase some Ethereum, and make Hawk Host your first payment!

Paying for services using Ethereum is very simple and doesn’t require any advanced knowledge. Once you’re viewing your invoice with us, select the BitPay payment method, and you’ll be redirected to an interface allowing you to select Ethereum. Once selected you’ll be shown a QR code at which point you just load up your wallet, scan the code, and you’re done! And compared to Bitcoin, which can take a bit to confirm the payment, Ethereum payments are verified instantly so there will be no delay. We’re not done here though, as time goes on we’ll continue to introduce support for additional cryptocurrencies. Let us know what you’d like to see supported next!

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