Welcome to the Cloud, Los Angeles!

Posted By: Brian Farrell

Last Updated: Saturday February 8, 2020

This announcement is a few months delayed as we’ve already been migrating customers to the new infrastructure, but we’re happy to officially say our Los Angeles location is now built on the cloud! Los Angeles joins our Dallas TX, New York City, and Singapore locations as part of our infrastructure wide upgrades to improve performance and reliability.

Similar to our existing cloud powered locations the Los Angeles build out was completed with the ultimate goal of achieving the best performance and reliability / redundancy a shared hosting environment can provide. By utilizing high performance distributed storage systems along with redundant CPU hypervisors and a network without a single point of failure we’re doing our best to provide 100% uptime 24/7/365 for all your sites and services.

Prior to the Los Angeles cloud upgrade all sites were hosted on individual bare metal servers. While we did take precautions at the hardware level to prevent outages there is only so much you can do in a bare metal environment. The unfortunate reality is that a single hardware component failure, such as a bad stick of RAM or a RAID card crash, could lead to hours of downtime as our team diagnoses the failure, replaces the failed component, and brings the system back up. Our cloud based infrastructure solves this problem due to the distributed nature of the setup. For example, should one of the CPU hypervisors have a failure which causes a crash, our system will automatically migrate anything hosted from that hypervisor to a new one. At that point our team can pull the impacted hypervisor out of the environment, diagnose / fix the issue, and bring it back online without any impact to your sites and services.

Similarly in a bare metal environment you’d traditionally run RAID to ensure data integrity in the event of a hard drive failure, but RAID is not perfect and corruption can still occur depending on the level of failure. In our cloud infrastructure the data is distributed across multiple storage nodes. What this means is not only could we lose a single drive without risking data loss, we could lose an entire storage node (a large array of drives) without any risk of losing data as copies exist on the other storage nodes.

Above the hardware level redundancy the network has also been completely upgraded to remove any single point of failure. With primary / backup power, redundant switches and routers, and multiple transit providers we’ve taken countless steps to ensure the Los Angeles network will always be online to serve your requests. In addition to the resiliency of the network the overall capacity has been upgraded to support future growth so we can continue to grow with you as your needs increase.

Last but not least performance is drastically improved in the cloud infrastructure compared to your typical bare metal environment. Due to using only the newest model Intel based processors, along with enterprise level performance SSDs and more RAM than we could possibly ever utilize, we’ve created an environment showing massive upgrades compared to the old servers. We’ve consistently seen improvements through all metrics but most notably in the CPU and IO operations which directly results in higher performance for your sites as there’s no waiting on CPU or disk to process the requests.

At the moment all new cloud web hosting, reseller hosting, and semi-dedicated orders are setup in the new cloud environment. Within the coming weeks we’ll be finalizing migrations for existing customers into the new environment. Lastly, but certainly just as exciting, we’ll soon be offering cloud computes in Los Angeles as well to replace our old VPS services. The computes offer full root access in your own private environment so you can host any type of service or application you need while taking advantage of the high performance benefits of the cloud.

We’re not done yet though as more locations will be converted to cloud. Stay tuned for our announcements on which location is next!

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