Now Offering Reseller Hosting in Amsterdam

Posted By: Brian Farrell

Last Updated: Tuesday May 19, 2020

Our first European reseller plans have arrived! We’re extremely pleased to announce our Amsterdam location now offers reseller hosting! Our reseller plans have been available in our other US and Asia based locations for years now but this is our first time offering the services in Europe!

For those unfamiliar with reseller plans they allow you to setup separate cPanel accounts, all owned by your reseller, for each site you’re hosting. This provides a unique ability to isolate and separate your sites from each other compared to shared hosting where all your domains are “under one roof”. Isolating sites has a number of benefits when it comes to performance, security, and management. These plans are often used by individuals or businesses looking to start their own hosting company using our platform (all our plans are whitelabel so nobody knows you’re using our hosting), and also commonly used by webmasters/developers to host their clients in one place while still being safely separated.

Since our company was founded in 2004 we have offered reseller hosting, at first in our Dallas TX location and eventually we expended that to include Los Angeles CA, New York City, and Singapore (our first international reseller location). Introducing reseller hosting in Amsterdam expands our services portfolio and should hopefully prove beneficial to anyone in Europe looking for a reliable yet affordable reseller setup.

To celebrate our launch we’re offering a 40% recurring discount on any new orders for a reseller in Amsterdam using coupon code: amsreseller20 – this code is valid for any plan, any billing term, and is good for the life of the account. Don’t wait too long to signup though as this coupon will only be good for one week after this launch!

Stay tuned to see what new services we’re launching next!

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