DNSSEC Now Supported On Web Hosting Plans

Posted By: Tony Baird

Last Updated: Monday June 15, 2020

We’re happy to announce that on our shared, cloud web hosting, reseller and semi dedicated hosting plans we now support DNSSEC when using Hawk Host DNS/nameservers. cPanel has supported DNSSEC since cPanel 60 for individual server deployment but it was not supported until cPanel 80 on DNS clusters. Our team tested the implementation at the time and unfortunately found issues that required to be addressed before we could offer DNSSEC. We’re excited to say these issues were resolved with cPanel 88 which all our servers are now running.

DNSSEC gives users protection from a number of attacks including DNS spoofing and man in the middle attacks. The end users browser will compare the DS record from the domains DNS server with that of the DS record at the domain registrar. If they match, then the visitor would know the record is in fact valid. DNSSEC uses digital signatures to strengthen DNS authentication. The digital signatures use public key cryptography to sign the DNS data.

We will walk through on how you can setup DNSSEC through the Hawk Host cPanel. Keep in mind however any mistakes in setup will result in users being unable to view your website. After you have logged into your cPanel you will want to go to your “Zone Editor” under the “Domains” interface:

After you are on the “Zone Editor” you will go to the DNSSEC option:

Once you’re on the DNSSEC page you will use the create key option in the upper right corner:

For most users the default options will be accepted by your registrar. If you however have specific requirements you can use the customize option which gives you more options:

Once you have created your key you will be sent to the details page for it which provides you with all the information necessary to enter at your domain registrar:

You will also now find on your DNSSEC page a list of available keys and management options for them:

We hope everyone who has been asking about DNSSEC support enjoys this new feature. If you have any comments/questions please feel free to contact our support team.

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