Hong Kong has Upgraded to Cloud Hosting!

Posted By: Brian Farrell

Last Updated: Wednesday July 29, 2020

It’s official, Hong Kong has joined our ever growing list of cloud powered locations! Hong Kong is now our fifth cloud hosting location worldwide and our second in Asia, joining Singapore in that region. Not only is Hong Kong now cloud powered, that means we’re now able to offer semi-dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, and cloud compute plans with full root access!

Hong Kong from the cloud!

Cloud hosting in Hong Kong was one of our most popular customer requests and we’ve been hard at work making this a reality for everyone. Moving to a cloud based infrastructure has a number of drastic improvements including performance, reliability, and scope of services we’re able to offer.

Prior to this infrastructure upgrade our Hong Kong location offered only shared hosting. We weren’t able to offer our higher performance semi-dedicated plans, reseller plans, or most importantly our cloud computes with full root access. Unfortunately cloud computes aren’t quite ready, but that announcement will be coming soon! The benefits of the cloud allow us to expand our offerings and cater to more clients looking to host in Hong Kong who may have requirements that shared hosting just won’t meet.

For you existing shared hosting customers over the next few weeks you’ll be receiving emails about scheduled migrations windows to move your accounts from our (now legacy) bare metal servers into the new cloud environment. Any new hosting orders in Hong Kong will be setup on the cloud right from the start!

Our new cloud infrastructure is powered by the latest AMD 24-Core EPYC 7402 CPUs. These are some of the best on the market and we’re extremely excited about the benchmarks we’ve seen and performance gains you should experience from this hardware. For RAM metrics it is not an exaggeration to say there are literal terabytes of RAM available throughout the entire cloud, we’ve made sure we can never exhaust all our available RAM/memory resources. Our storage infrastructure is a high performance SSD/HDD hybrid with StorPools distributed architecture to ensure not only the best performance but also redundant storage to ensure your data is always safe.. We have chosen a tier III facility right in the heart of the HKG financial district, ensuring not only premier connectivity but low latency and direct exchanges with the regions major networks and peers.

It should come as no surprise to say this is one of our biggest and most exciting announcements for the year, and we really hope all clients feel the same. To celebrate this launch we’re offering an introduction sale for any new cloud web hosting, semi-dedicated, or reseller plan:

Service Discount Promo Price Coupon Code
Cloud Web Hosting 30% Recurring $2.09/mo hkglaunch
Semi-Dedicated 30% Recurring $11.19/mo hkglaunchsd
Reseller 30% Recurring $9.09/mo hkglaunchreseller

We hope everyone is as excited about this huge infrastructure upgrade just like we are!

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