Advanced DDOS Protection in Los Angeles CA and Dallas TX!

Posted By: Brian Farrell

Last Updated: Tuesday June 8, 2021

If you run a website long enough, eventually you’re going to face an issue related to a DDOS attack. DDOS attacks can be frustrating, financially impactful, and make inexperienced webmasters feel hopeless when trying to resolve the problem. Companies like Cloudflare and Sucuri have made it easier for the average user to protect their sites from attacks, and while we do recommend our clients utilize those services to help protect their sites, we also saw a need to introduce our own DDOS protection for clients. As a result we are pleased to announce advanced DDOS protection is now available for customers on our shared, semi-dedicated, and cloud compute plans in our Dallas TX USA and Los Angeles CA USA locations!

Advanced DDOS Protection!

Advanced DDOS Protection!

For our advanced DDOS protection we’ve chosen to work with Voxility, an established and trusted company with the capability to effectively filter in excess of 1 Tbps of DDOS traffic targeted towards your sites hosted through us. This protection allows us to effectively filter volumetric, HTTP/HTTPS Layer7, and application specific attacks to keep your sites online. Our filtering kicks in within seconds of detecting an attack and remains active as long as the attack is ongoing, all without you having to take any proactive action. For your legitimate traffic and end users this means an uninterrupted experience browsing the site without any slowdowns or outages. This protection can also be used simultaneously with other attack protection you’re using (Cloudflare, Sucuri, etc.) and is also fully compatible with any CDNs you’re using or third party software/services. It’s a completely transparent filter that will have no impact on your existing site configuration other than improving uptime and performance in the event of an attack.

Our advanced DDOS protection is available on all shared, semi-dedicated, and cloud compute services in either our Dallas TX USA or Los Angeles CA USA location. Unfortunately our other locations do not yet offer advanced DDOS protection however we are working on expanding this service to our other facilities. Protection is available in the form of a shared IP ($5.00/mo) or dedicated IP ($7.00/mo), but regardless of which you choose you’ll receive the same level of filtering and protection. For new orders the protection can be added right through our checkout on our website and your new account will be provisioned on a DDOS protected IP right from the start. If you have an existing service with us and would like to upgrade to advanced DDOS protection just contact our sales department and we’ll get you all taken care of! If your account is hosted in a location that doesn’t currently offer the protection there is no fee for our team to migrate your existing shared, semi-dedicated, or cloud compute services to a protected location.

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