Heads Up! Upcoming Removal of Cloudflare's cPanel Plugin

Posted By: Brian Farrell

Last Updated: Monday June 6, 2022

We’re coming to you today with some unfortunate news: Cloudflare is officially ending support for its cPanel plugin. The good news is the removal of this plugin should have no impact on your sites that are powered through Cloudflare, and you’ll still be able to use Cloudflare’s free services, but you’ll need to take a few minutes to verify your account access before plugin support officially ends.

Unfortunately Cloudflare has formally announced the deprecation of their cPanel plugin, as a result of this notice access to the Cloudflare cPanel plugin will be removed from Hawk Host’s cPanel as of June 15 2022. Cloudflare will continue to serve sites originally configured through the cPanel plugin however you will need access to your direct cloudflare.com account to continue managing and modifying your DNS zones.

As an end user your responsibility is, as soon as possible, to ensure you have access to your direct cloudflare.com to continue managing your sites that are currently Cloudflare powered. Any customers who used the Hawk Host cPanel plugin to enable Cloudflare on their sites should have had a Cloudflare username (email address) and password setup as part of the initial enrollment process. All clients who previously used the cPanel plugin to manage their Cloudflare settings should verify access to their direct Cloudflare account at https://dash.cloudflare.com/login/ as soon as possible.

The login page at https://dash.cloudflare.com/login offers multiple account recovery options in case you have forgotten your Cloudflare username or password. Cloudflare support is also available directly through https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us. Unfortunately Hawk Host support would be unable to assist with any issues related to accessing your direct cloudflare.com account, so it’s important you verify your access as soon as possible to allow time to work with Cloudflare support to resolve any access issues.

When you login directly to your cloudflare.com account all of your existing Cloudflare powered sites should appear in your dashboard. All settings, DNS zones, etc. will already exist and there should be no changes or setup required from your side. All that is changing with the deprecation of the cPanel plugin is you will no longer have the ability to use or modify Cloudflare settings through cPanel and instead it will require you access cloudflare.com directly to manage those sites/settings.

While this deprecation notice was outside our control we do apologize for the trouble and for the removal of a feature many clients have come to rely on through the cPanel integration. Any further questions on this deprecation notice can be directed to our support department through our helpdesk.

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