Recognizing an AlmaLinux Board Nomination

Posted By: Brian Farrell

Last Updated: Wednesday November 2, 2022

We’re very proud to announce that Hawk Host’s CTO and co-founder, Cody Robertson, has been nominated to the AlmaLinux board! We’re extremely happy to see him nominated to this position and also for the opportunity to deepen our support for AlmaLinux.

He joins the board with six other individuals representing a wide range of the hosting industry, bringing a depth of experience and insight to the organization. For those unfamiliar with AlmaLinux, the project was started to replace the once extremely popular CentOS Linux based operating system. With CentOS being absorbed into IBM/RedHat a new community driven Linux distribution was needed, and AlmaLinux stepped up to fill that void.

Here at Hawk Host we offer AlmaLinux as an OS option on our cloud compute plans, meant to be the drop-in replacement for most customers who previously would have chosen CentOS. In addition to their work on the core OS product AlmaLinux has also introduced other useful tools, such as ELevate, a tool which allows users to upgrade between major versions of their OS. This was not previously possible under CentOS, instead requiring users provision a brand new OS and manually migrate to the new platform. Countless other improvements and new tools are being worked on daily, and it’s truly exciting to watch the development of the OS as it’s further embraced by the open source community.

There’s so much more to AlmaLinux to discover, and anyone curious can find out more details through their website. You can contribute on GitHub, join discussions on Reddit, or hop into their public chat or forums if you’re looking to be part of the overall community! Financial support is always appreciated as well, and if you’re feeling generous and want to support the product you should check out their shop and pick up some Alma swag!

Congratulations to Cody on his election to the board and we look forward to continuing supporting AlmaLinux well into the future!

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