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Reliable Service

We believe a web site should always be up. A lot of web hosts can offer guarantees but very few provide information about what happens when that guarantee is not met. We do offer that information with our service level agreement which outlines the process and how much credit you deserve if we were ever to not meet our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Every Customer Matters

Every customer is treated equally, regardless of their account. We do this to make sure everyone gets the same quality support and services from us. Not everyone can debug a PHP script, or iron out a mod_rewrite rule. We try our best to provide a helping hand to everyone.

We Share Information

A lot of web hosts hide maintenance information or do not post about problems. We believe the more information you have the more informed you can be so we post about even the smallest issue or the most meaningless maintenance windows. We could be replacing a light bulb and you'll know about it.

We Are Not Sheep

We're always looking at ways to separate ourselves from every other web host out there. We are not following trends of other companies in the features we offer. We're always looking towards new innovative technology or new policies to improve our services. Not every single idea is implemented but you can read about some of our ideas for the future on our blog. We also try our best to implement suggestions of our customers - speak your mind!

24/7 Knowledgeable Support Staff

A lot of hosts offer 24/7 support but when you make a ticket that does not fit the pre-made reply you may be waiting a while for the correct reply. Our support team is all knowledgeable and can help with most issues in our support desk. We believe every staff member should be able to handle any issue that may arise on their watch. So no matter the time you can expect the right answer the first time not wait 8 hours and 8 replies later.

High Quality Servers

Every single one of our servers is running quality hardware. All of our servers are Intel Xeon based, running 24CPUs. Each machine also includes 56GB of memory solid state drives in a RAID-10 array. Accounts are also backed up daily via Arconis. We've spared no expense on hardware, and this reflects in the quality we provide.

We Are Humans

We like to provide a certain personal feel with all of our services we offer, and this usually takes form in our support and communication. We try to be as transparent as possible, and allow our staff to speak their minds. We're a tight knit family here at Hawk Host - and we want everyone to know it! We don't believe in outsourcing support or certain tasks, everything is handled in-house. Our philosophy is to have fun and let people know we're having fun. As a result our responses may not be the traditional automated responses, but personal and full of smilies ;).
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