Our Cloud Has Grown! Now Offering Cloud Plans in Dallas TX!

Posted By: Brian Farrell

Last Updated: Thursday December 13, 2018

We’ve had a busy year here at Hawk Host, but our biggest projects have been launching our cloud hosting in both New York City and Singapore. One of our goals was to expand the cloud to more locations and we’re extremely happy to say we’ve done just that, turning our Dallas TX location into a cloud based infrastructure!

Ride Our Cloud to the (Dallas) Stars!

Way back in 2012 we made Dallas our first “flagship” location, meaning we decided to take the step to run our own infrastructure, hardware, and network. This was our first full build out and it became the first location we had full control to grow and scale out as needed. It wasn’t long before we did the same in Los Angeles, but we never forgot about Dallas. Dallas is centrally located for all of North America, provides great network connectivity to Central/South America, and is resilient to most major natural disasters, making it a great location for a cloud based infrastructure. Fast forward to today…

Nearly 6 years later, almost to the month, we’ve turned Dallas into our flagship again. It’s cloud based just like New York and Singapore, so we’re fault-tolerant to failures at every level of hardware in the infrastructure. The network is our most advanced build out yet (shout out to our network team for that) and provides more redundancy and overall capacity than we’ve utilized in the past. It feels like I keep saying this as we launch more cloud locations but it’s true, we’ve leaned on our experience from past build outs and keep improving every infrastructure we build.

You can find more details about the cloud infrastructure below, but for those of you just looking to order here’s your quick links!

If you’re looking for a full cloud server that includes root access these links will be for you. Full details about these cloud servers can be found at on this page

1GB Dallas Cloud Server  2GB Dallas Cloud Server 4GB Dallas Cloud Server 8GB Dallas Cloud Server 16GB Dallas Cloud Server

If instead you’re looking for shared hosting that’s in our cloud infrastructure (cloud hosting) you can sign up using this link:

https://www.hawkhost.com/cloud-hosting — just make sure you select ‘Dallas‘ as your location on the checkout!

As is the case with any properly built cloud infrastructure there is no single point of failure at the hardware or network level. We’ve focused on making sure our cloud can scale as you scale, ensuring that if you need more CPU, RAM, or disk on a moments notice we have the capacity to provide it. We’ve spent hundreds of hours testing countless scenarios and we’re confident we’ll be able to provide the reliable environment you need for your most critical projects.

Currently our Dallas cloud servers support CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and more. If there’s a Linux/BSD based operating system you want just ask, we’ll make it available! cPanel will be supported on all packages so you can create your own hosting environment in no time. Cloud servers start with 1GB of RAM and scale up to 16GB so we have a package to meet any of your performance needs.

As with all our services control is integrated directly into the client area so you can view your resource usage, rebuild the cloud server, reboot it, change your password…whatever you want really, it’s your server!

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